Jan Goldie – Author

Wow..we had an extremely motivating visit by the New Zealand famous published author Jan Goldie. She spoke to us all about the writing process, what it means to be an author and introduced us to her published books. Jan’s latest is called Brave’s Journey, and we were hooked after she read an exciting and attention grabbing, part of this.

Jan talked us through a great activity with the pod.. World building. We all created our own worlds, dimensions and atmospheres that we could develop further.IMG_2926 IMG_2927.

Engagement and focus was high! We think we have many budding authors among us!

Thank you Jan, you were inspirational!

If you want to find out more about Jan.. check out her site http://www.jangoldie.com/

Keeping ourselves Safe

Our tamariki are working in groups to help them recognise safe and unsafe situations with confidence.  Please have a chat with your child about some of these scenerios.  This is a really important unit of work, and we feel that our class is gaining alot of insight into keeping themselves safe.

 IMG_2923 IMG_2925IMG_2922

Happy Holidays and a reminder….

Happy holidays everyone!!! Just a reminder to please fill in our quiz on the tab above telling us about what you have been involved in over the last couple of months.  Thanks to all of you who have remembered… you are fabulous!! See you all in a few days, enjoy the last of the holidays!

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Cultural Celebrations

Our inquiry for this term is centred around cultural celebrations and a variety of thinking skills. We are learning about weddings at the moment and incorporating Garners Multiple Intelligences.  This theory is based on everyone having strengths and weaknesses in different ways, and according to Garner he believes we have Nature Smarts, Body Smarts, Music Smarts, Word Smarts, Numeracy Smarts, Picture Smarts, Self Smarts and People Smarts.  Our class is working on identified strengths and weaknesses. Click here if you would like to see what yours are.

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Speech finalists

IMG_2564 IMG_2572

An amazing range of speeches this year really made choosing our speech finalists difficult.  This exceptional bunch really put themselves out there, by opting in for the competitive division, speaking in front of their classes and then again in front of 7 classes.. thats about 210 children, plus about 20 adults.  What bravery and confidence! Well done all of you.

Special mention go to our winners Kayl Davis and Keilani Tiopira-Horne, both oozed passion and belief in their speeches, as well as writing, learning, and delivering them with spectacular excellence. Both Kayl and Keilani will represent their speeches at the next school hui.  Kayl will go on to the Mount Clusters section at the end of the term.  Good luck Kayl!