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Find the letters in your name and create your own fitness plan.

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Designing our WOD

Warm up exercises – Foot tag, shoulder tag, knee tag, paper scissors rock.

Exercises – Star jumps, squats, intermediate press-ups, full press-ups, burpee, sprawl, mountain climber, sumo explode,

Cool down – calf stretch, quad stretch, hamstring stretch, shoulder stretch, spider tag.

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One thought on “PE & Fitness

  1. Room 1314 are learning to design their own fitness programme. We are using exercises from the ‘Fit Kit’ to help us work out what exercises we would like to incorporate. We have practiced the exercises and today we did our first programme as a whole class.

    Title – Rm 1314 Explosion
    5 minute AMRAP – (as many rounds as possible)
    1 x lap around the field
    5 x Starjumps
    10 x Sumo explodes
    15 x squats

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